#52ancestors Week 9 “Where there’s a Will”

This weeks topic is "Where There's a Will" I thought I would check to see if I had any wills saved and I came across this record of a will from Francis Hutchins (1682-1774) Prove Date 07 APR, 1774. Francis Hutchins (son of Richard Hutchens and Elizabeth Cobb)370, 370, 370 was born 1682 in Lower, … Continue reading #52ancestors Week 9 “Where there’s a Will”

#52ancestors Week 8 “Heirloom”

This weeks topic is "Heirloom" There have been a number of articles recently about aging baby boomers and their kids not wanting the family heirlooms. Aging Parents With Lots of Stuff, and Children Who Don’t Want It Baby boomers are downsizing — and the kids won’t take the family heirlooms   I am conflicted, myself. … Continue reading #52ancestors Week 8 “Heirloom”

#52ancestors Week 5 “Census”

This weeks topic is "Census". While trying to think of something to write this week I came across an intresting document. The census mortality schedule. Included in the 1850-1880 census was the Census Mortality Schedule 5. "Mortality schedules list people who died during the previous 12 months. Mortality schedules were taken along with population schedules … Continue reading #52ancestors Week 5 “Census”