#52ancestors Week 13 “The Old Homestead”

This weeks topic is "The Old Homestead" When I think of Homestead, I think of a painting my mother had. It was of the house where she was born. I talked to my sister this week to try to find out what happened to the painting. We both knew the painting but were not sure … Continue reading #52ancestors Week 13 “The Old Homestead”

#52ancestors Week 12 “Misfortune” The Wild West!

This weeks topic is "Misfortune" The following story was related by my 1st cousin 4x removed Joseph Fowler (1844-1927). Isaac Briscoe is my father-in-law of 1st cousin 4x removed. It is a reminder that it was not to long ago that this area of North Texas was truly the Wild West!   Massacre of Mr. … Continue reading #52ancestors Week 12 “Misfortune” The Wild West!