#52ancestors Week 23 “Going to the Chapel”

This weeks prompt is “Going to the Chapel”

On New Years eve 1900 Garvin Alman “Garvy” Beckham  married Maudy Pearl Smith in Phelps Missouri.

While trying to think of something to write for this weeks prompt, I was running different reports and looking for something interesting and that date just jumped out at me December 31st 1900.

Gary Beckham (27 Feb 1875-15 May 1950) was first cousin 3x removed on my mothers side. His bride Maudy P Smith (31 Jul 1887-9 Mar 1950)

They had 8 children together: William A 1902, Lola V 1905, Elbert B 1906, Neoma Z 1905. Myrtle I 1910, Clara V 1913, Earl P 1915, and Floyd D 1919.

Like many of the people in our family tree that we really know nothing about but facts, we can only imagine what there lives were like.

They were married on New Years Eve 1900, spent their lives together raising a family together in Missouri and died within weeks of each other in 1950.


52 Ancestors in 52 weeks “Is a series of weekly prompts to get you to think about an ancestor and share something about them. The guesswork of “who should I write about” is taken care of.


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