VO2 max and Peripheral Artery Disease

I’ve always been curious about my VO2 max so I gave myself a VO2 max test for fathers day. I took The Balke Protocol Treadmill Test. After a brief warmup the speed was set at 6 mph, I’m not sure where the grade started but it was increased 1% every minute. I lasted for a little over 6 minutes reaching a VO2 of 31.7, max HR of 165, and an RER of 1.38, HR and RER continued to rise as I slowed down, reaching 171 and 1.47. I was burning all carbs almost form the beginning.  Depending on the scale 31.7 is considered poor to fair for my age.

While I was disappointed, I was not surprised. It helped to prove what I suspected that my heart works harder to overcome my PAD.

I consider myself to be in good health and VO2 max may be a good test for whole body aerobic capacity but may not be a reliable fitness test for someone with PAD. It is a measurement however, one that I can work to improve.

Maybe handcycling?

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