#52ancestors Week 25 “Same Name”

This weeks prompt is “Same Name”

Not My Zachariah

For the longest time I thought that my 3rd great-grandfather Zachariah Hutchins (1815-1865 ) was buried in the Memphis National Cemetery.


He did serve in The War of 1812 and was eligible to be buried in a National Cemetery, but he was in Texas at the time when he died plus the dates just did not line up but all the trees on ancestry and find a grave said it as him.

I finally found another Zachariah Hutchins that is most likely the one that is buried in Memphis.


This Zachariah was born in Tennessee and was 18 years old when he died of small pox. He was a private in the 6th Regiment of the Tennessee Cavalry.

I was able to correct the data on Find a Grave and hope the trees on Ancestry will correct their entries when the find them.

I now believe my Zachariah is buried next to his wife in Los Creek Cemetery, Jack County, Texas, but I still can not be sure.

IMG_0946zm (2)IMG_0936IMG_0935

52 Ancestors in 52 weeks “Is a series of weekly prompts to get you to think about an ancestor and share something about them. The guesswork of “who should I write about” is taken care of.


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