VO2 max and Peripheral Artery Disease

I've always been curious about my VO2 max so I gave myself a VO2 max test for fathers day. I took The Balke Protocol Treadmill Test. After a brief warmup the speed was set at 6 mph, I'm not sure where the grade started but it was increased 1% every minute. I lasted for a … Continue reading VO2 max and Peripheral Artery Disease

100yds to not quite 100k

This was supposed to be 100yds to 100k but the hills of Tyler State Park proved to be to much for me and I DNF the 108K after 3 loops. In July 2007 I was diagnosed with Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). The Doctor said I had the arteries of an 80 year old. I could … Continue reading 100yds to not quite 100k